Our Story

Sharing my Indian heritage has been a major part of my American experience growing up in the States. Aarika’s Closet is a company founded on the belief that culture should be shared. Cultural clothing is a way to participate and learn about traditions that have been maintained throughout generations and allows us to share their heritage with our children in addition to creating traditions of our own.

My girls, Aarohi and Riya, were my inspiration behind ‘A A R I K A.’ The excitement my girls have when they wear traditional clothing for events and holidays brings them closer to our culture and heritage. We sometimes start planning months in advance when we know we have a BIG cultural event coming up. So much fun!  I always found myself looking for an outfit for my kids, where I wouldn’t have to bring a change of clothes to an event or wouldn’t hear the words “it’s itchy” as they were getting dressed. It was frustrating when the girls were never satisfied with the outfits that were carefully selected and gifted to them from grandparents and close family during expensive trips to India. 

This company was created to solve a problem that many of us encounter as South Asian-Americans raising children in the States. Through this company I’m looking to bring COMFORT, CULTURE, and STYLE for South Asian kids & teens to the forefront of their cultural clothing experience. The ready made garments are carefully selected and curated by yours truly, and I hope that they bring your kids closer to your culture.

   Kamini Patel