Spring Cleaning - Organizing Your Jewelry

A girl can never have enough jewelry. It can dress up any outfit and can make our outfits much more dramatic if we choose to. It doesn't matter how many gorgeous pieces of jewelry you own to match every outfit you have; if you can’t actually see them.

This is one of the times where out of sight, out of mind may not actually be a good thing. At some point you actually forget you have the PERFECT matching earrings for the beautiful lehenga choli that you own. After several weddings and events (pre-Covid) I figured it was time to finally declutter and organize my Desi Jewelry.

So with shelter in place, I took to organizing my jewelry. Below are the steps I took:

1. DECLUTTER - Find all of your jewelry that you want to organize. Go to all the different rooms and drawers and bring it all to one area. This will help you see what you have all in one spot. You will see if you have 3 of the same exact piece!

2. SORT - Sort all of the jewelry so that you have matching earrings together and matching necklace sets together. This will make it easier to store. If you find that some of the sets are missing pieces or they are broken set them aside.

TIP: For the jewelry you don’t use anymore you can give it to your kids to play with OR find a place to donate it. For the broken pieces, you can try and fix them yourself with some DIY hacks or find a jeweler to fix them.

3. CATEGORIZE -  I prefer to put similar styles of jewelry together, such as big statement earrings, oxidized sets, gold sets etc. The goal was to be able to see the jewelry.


TIP:  I got advice from jewelry vendors in India that said to keep each piece of jewelry separate from each other as it tends to ruin and change the color of the jewelry. So I put each jewelry set in sandwich/snack bags depending on the size of jewelry.

4. COMPARTMENTALIZE - Find storage compartments that can fit into the drawer/area you are planning to store your jewelry. Mix and match based on your jewelry situation. I used an idea I saw from Ami Desai on Instagram where she uses Michael's Photo and Craft Keeper to store her jewelry. I thought it was GENIUS

I’m super happy with the way it’s turned out. I can already tell it will not only be easy to find the jewelry but also to take on trips and to put it back. Making less of a mess and attempting to stay organized! 

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  • Madhu Nedunuri

    Looking for an organizer to store
    My Indian jewellery ( huge haarams, chokers, multi layer chains etc)

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