5 Fun Ways to Rock Desi Fusion Wear with Kids

Wearing fusion clothes, mixing prints, colors, and styles of both desi and Western wear, is a lot of fun! You may think fusion desi is only for special occasions, but that's so not true. Kids will stay comfortable all day in these fun combinations.

Here's how you can wear desi fusion wear and make it look effortless!

1. Pants (traditional dhoti, palazzo pants, kajuri pants) with a Basic Tee or Fun Vest

Kajuri Pants paired with Basic Tee and Jean Vest           Floral Print Dhoti Pants paired with Basic White Button Down Shirt


2. Fun Skirt with a Plain Button Down Shirt or a Basic Tee

Gold Foil Skirt with Basic Button Down Shirt

3. Pair a Kimono Style Jacket or Cover up paired with Denim & a Button Down Shirt or Plain Tee

Kimono Style Jacket Paired with Denim         Kimoni Style Jacket paired with Denim          


4. Use a Choli Top as a Jacket and Pair with Denim and a Basic Tee

Choli Top Styled as a Jacket Paired with Denim

5. Pair a Choli Top or a Stylish Jacket with a Basic Tee and Leggings

Stylish Jacket paired with a Basic Tee and Leggings

Participate in the Kids Desi Fusion challenge and tag @aarikas_closet on Instagram with #kidsdesifusionchallenge. Nominate your friends and family. 

See more styles on Instagram under Highlights "kidsdesifusion".


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