3 Ethnic Wear Rules to Follow for Kids

Whether you’re going to a wedding event, a party or a family gathering, a stylish ethnic wear outfit can be perfect for your little ones. There are many options in the ethnic wear; from floral lehengas to palazzo suits. There are styles available for everybody and every season. You can dress your kids up in ethnic wear and still make sure they are comfortable! 

But if you want to make the most of your ethnic wear for kids here are some fashion tips:

1. Comfort Always

Comfortable Kids Ethnic WearWhile it may seem obvious to keep comfort in mind when dressing your kids, it's easy to forget that clothes should actually be comfortable. That's why we've made sure our list of rules includes reminders about how important this can be.

When picking out clothing for your child, try not to choose anything that is too tight or too loose. While you want some room for growth, it's also important that their clothing isn't so big or small that it doesn't fit properly or falls off easily.

The same goes for length: long pants can get caught on things and long sleeves can get dirty more easily than shorter ones would.

2. Mix and Match

Indian Fusion Wear

There is no rule that says you have to be confined to one style. Mixing and matching different types of styles can be fun, and you can use the same pieces again in different ways. You can create amazing looks just by mixing an ethnic top from one outfit with the bottoms of another outfit or mixing with different types of clothing like jeans.

While you can certainly stick to ethnic wear, you don't have to be confined to this style. What's important is that the outfit fits well, looks good on you, and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

3. Try Different Styles

Girls Lehenga

When you're shopping for ethnic wear for your kids, it’s important to keep in mind that you can create a fusion look. For example, your son might like the look of a kurta with jeans. Or he might prefer an indo-western shirt with shorts. If he's not so into traditional clothes, instead of dressing him in all Indian attire every day, try mixing it up.

Then there are other options—you can also mix and match different types of fashion if you want to keep things fresh. For example, if your daughter loves wearing suits but doesn't want the whole suit thing when she's at school or playing outside with friends, maybe she would like a shirt-and-skirt combination instead? Or if you really like the lehenga style outfits then another option would be to look for different features such as an attached dupatta or unique neckline or a unique accent to the outfit.

Wearing fusion clothes, mixing prints, colors, and styles of both desi and Western wear, is a lot of fun! You may think fusion desi is only for special occasions, but that's so not true. Kids will stay comfortable all day in these fun combinations.

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